When I was working as medical officer in a private hospital, I learnt how to market myself and I realized that if you do not toot your horn, no one will do it for you.

This piece was inspired by the attitude of people towards self proclamation and the incessant desire to be accepted by the people.

However, I have decided to focus on the marketability and profitability of this opportunity.

I had resumed as a medical officer to the hospital on account of my surgical skills. I met three other doctors whose skills were not as good as mine. Indirectly, I was supposed to do more of the major surgical procedures and also teach and guide the other doctors. It was a double work but I was enthusiastic to grow my teaching skills.

For almost half a year, I was glued to the work; At a point I knew I needed my freedom to learn another soft skills in business administration. I had met the Chairman of the company, who was very versed in administrative skills and knowledge. We agreed a one hour mentorship every Wednesday of the week. I decided to be as studious as I could and was ready to learn. And when I decided to start my own hospital and this new skills would set me apart. Sure, it did and still does.

But there was a problem. The other doctors have learnt a great deal and I can confidently sleep at night without being interrupted by surgical emergencies. So, I needed to be compensated for my efforts and still get more while I remain less active, clinically .

What did I do?

I decide to ask for 20% raise in my salary. You think that was easy?

This is what a colleague said about it …

Oga has never raised anyone salary no matter how competent you are …

My reply: watch me

I went to work immediately and decided to be scientific about my requests. I got the raise because I used some principles. These principles, I will be highlight here.

These principles apply to anyone and any area of life. They are laws and they work at all time. If you fail, the principles do not fail. They are always there to be reused and reused until they work for you.



You can not prevaricate when you are about to sell. Selling is one of the most valuable things to do in life. The exchange of values for money or something of equal value is life changing. Where money is being exchanged for values, magic happens there. This decisiveness should be firm to get what you are demanding for.

If you will ask for a raise or sell a products or services, you will be decisive about your goals. You will not ask for a raise and be supplemented with position. If you will sell a premium product, you will not substitute with inferior product in order to get the money. It is the decisiveness of your selling proposition that will infuse your sales strategy with confidence.


When I asked for my salary raise, I did that with well written 3 pages of the cases I have done in the last six months that preceded my request. My boss was bewildered. I didn’t care but I care about my job ( and the money too). It was the only thing I had to get what I needed.

If you will sell your services or products, a testimonial is a good evidence. If you have got referral, show it off. Human tends to buy a products or services that has been used by other human. We don’t like to be the first and we don’t like being the last too when its comes to consumption of valuable products.


Patience is a virtue. It is golden when it comes to selling. It is patience that will make you prepare better at pre- selling stage. And after you have made your sales pitch or your request, get patient to allow the other party digest and come to term with your request or proposition.

The bigger your request or your products, the more patience is needed to make the deal. You will not ask for small sales, thus you will allow patience to make you make the big deal instead of small gains.


The rich are shameless salesmen and saleswomen. They so much believe in their products and services that make a big claim to the importance of what they sale. Imagine how many Jumia, Konga, Jiji adverts you see per day online. You will see coca cola adverts everywhere.

The big players do not shy away from tooting their horns They do that  so loud that you have no option than to listen and buy from them . Humility is not a virtue in sales and marking . You will shed off the morality of timidity and sell as if your life depends in it. Actually your life depends on on sales.


I mean know when to stop using old gimmicks and tactics and pick up new and reformed ones while you keep your eyes on the prize. You do not stop but you will be flexible.

You will be relentless but strategic. The best of strategy is the one that is limited and scarce but. You can’t overspread your tactics without looking cheap and desperate. Stop and access the situation when you meet a roadblock. Learn from your initial selling propositions and relaunch from a higher place.

These are laws but they are not exhaustive.

You will use the laws and when you become a master salesman/woman, you will add to them from your experiences and lessons learnt.

They are immutable. They work all the time but you need to work them.

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