EVERY Monday and Wednesday are my antenatal clinic , ANC . A special clinic days dedicated to providing tailored care for pregnant women and their unborn babies .

Every ANC DAY is always a busy day as I strive to provide the best of care for mothers and their unborn babies . Every process must be followed and each consultation must be individualised. This is a routine which I have done for years .

However , something struck my attention yesterday as I watched the pregnant women moved from one section of the hospital to the other . From receptions to the laboratory to the consulting rooms , I watched as the women waddled around, greeting , smiling and sometimes frowning .

Sometimes I hear the grunts while blood is being drawn for tests. The incessant peeing for urine tests, the endless weight measurement and little exercises they must do to keep fit .

A pregnant women get pricked more than 12 times during her pregnancy ; travelled more than a cumulative 2 km distance and more than 100 km on foot if its a rural area . Yet she will keep on doing it knowing that her little goal will manifest .

As most of them were cheerful , some were squeezing their faces. As some were quiet, some were gregarious . Different moods , different expressions , different thoughts but SAME EXPECTATIONS .

The great expectations of new lives that will come through them …

And it is this expectation that make them cheerful despite the pain , the tiredness , the occasional cramps , the vomiting , the loss of appetite , the sleepless night , the time loss at work and career …for good 284 days !

But then they are still cheerful knowing that they have invested wisely and the returns has been delivered waiting for it to mature before harvesting.

Now how many times have you killed your own goals . Do you have the patience to stay with a goal or a dream for a period of 9 months before you quit ?

How many voluntary goal “abortions ” have you had ? Do you see your dreams, aspirations and goals as your unborn babies?

And do you think if you will see your goals as your unborn babies whose maturity and delivery is as sure as delivering a baby , will you be more successful ?

I will advise you do this: when you are tired and feel like giving up on your dreams , please think of that pregnant woman or more vividly your mother while she took all the pain to bring you to term. If you be like these women and you sleep , wake , nurture, feed and stay with your goal every damn seconds for a minimum of 284 days , every seconds , you will succeed …

And when the pain and suffering are unbearable, that is the breakthrough point. Remember, Labour pain is most painful when the baby is crowning.

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