Tsundoku . I came across this word accidentally while I was searching for a holy grail . A holy grail that would show me how to learn faster through books and digital contents . As if my brain has plateaued , I found my book list always mounting in my digital to-do list . Even though I tried to read a book in 2 weeks — a feat far better than 80% of the population — my book shelves are creaking under pressure of unread , not -read and half-read books

I had mixed feelings .The site of the books and the atmosphere they create are always enabling for me . My creativity juice flows well when they are around me.

But I needed to ‘ steal’ the brain of the great writers and creatives that wrote these books . I needed to learn and I was so desperate to look for reading hacks that will make me rival top readers .

So I developed these ten book reading hacks and used them to build my reading routine . This has worked for me. I am almost reading a book per week now.

I hope they will help you too to become less tsundoku.

1.Create Time To Read .

Reading is a serious activity . With the way you create time for your work , you will need to create time for your daily reading too . I do my own reading first thing in the morning because there is always less distractions and my mind is free to absorb contents and ideas . Find time that suit you and be CONSISTENT with it .

2. Read Anywhere .

It is commendable to have a reading desk or a study room , but for busy people , this might not be practical . No place is sacred for contents of a book to be digested and that is why we have different people doing their reading in different places .

Do not be restricted by place . Make your books readily available in your house provided they are protected from harsh conditions like water and dew. The more places you have books , the more you read . I have books in my toilets that I read when there are unwanted visitors that want to steal my reading time and space .

3. Embrace Different Book Formats .

The digital world has made it easier to read books in many forms . Audio books , kindle , text-to-words are varying formats to have and read books . Take advantage of audio books while you drive or exercise . Read ebooks while you wait in line in the grocery stores . Take advantage of this plurality of book formats .

4. Learn How To Do Book Scheming .

Scheming is an attempt to grab the main idea of a book by flipping through the contents ,chapters , introductions and some selected paragraphs . Every book has a central idea or theme. scheming allows you to decide if you will be buying a book and the urgency to read it .This will save you time , money and energy buying unnecessary books .

5. Get A Book Buddy .

You are more likely to read when you have a reading partner . You and your book buddy will be accountable to beach other in terms what , when and how to read .

6. Join A Book Club .

This like having many book buddies. There are more than a thousand book clubs cutting across gender , faith , age and class on the internet . You have the advantage to join the global group of readers that promote daily reading . Look for one that suites your need and participate fully.

7.Practice What You learn .

Reading has compound effect .The more you learn , the more you do and the more you want to learn more . If you approach your books with the intention to practice what you will learn , you will become almost always inseparable with your books.

8. Create A Mini Library .

A mini library makes you organise and keeps your book clean and neat . This organisation is a boost to your reading appetite . It has been found that those who invest in keeping their books tidy and organised tend to read more books than those who litter their environments with torn and dirty books . Even if you must have books in all crevices of your house , make them organised , clean and well arranged.

9. Learn Speed Reading .

Effectiveness comes with speed most of the time. The better you get at something, the faster you do it . Speed reading will make you read more pages of light tempered books and makes you get past the boring or easy part of technical texts or materials. This does not mean sacrificing comprehension for pages covered. It comes naturally as you read more books, you build a repertoire of vocabulary and deep ways of connecting ideas without reading a line to a line.

10. Enliven Your Books.

Books contain wisdom of ages . They are the extension of great minds far and near ,dead and alive . They immortalise our knowledge and perpetuate history , learning and wisdom . Without books , no learning , no history , no culture . These and many other attributes of books demand your careful consideration when you handle books . However , the greatest service to the past , the present and the future is to get past your tsundoku and read as much as you can ; read every day and read with purpose to change your world .

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