This Is The Secret To Wealth(maybe

Wealth is simply having plenty. It is quite an interaction between your income, expenses and how much you can keep. The more money you can keep and put to work, the wealthier you can become especially in relative to the socioeconomic environment around you. However, this sounds simple until you add the human wants and needs.

A lot of variants are involved when it comes to wealth and its definitions because the wants and needs of each person vary a lot.

There is a tendency to be carried away focusing on the simple definition of wealth of accumulating more and more forgetting the insatiable nature of wants and needs of each person. This is why some people work long hours or take massive risks. You could have seen some people working for the hot head of a boss or a dictator. This is because that have convinced themselves that what they need is more and more.

This is nothing wrong in desiring for more provided it is out of creating massive values for a lot of people. Great wealth is like tools that can be used for more virtues and creating more good in the world.

However, there is more way to this wealth equation of income, saving and expenses. Maybe what truly is great wealth is satisfaction with the things you have and not hustling to get more and more. If your thought of wealth is getting and getting, you might need to consider your wants and needs without sacrificing your taste for ambition. A closer look at all what you want wealth for may not be what you really value most or they could be done without subjecting yourself to that soul breaking work that can jeopardize your health.

As Epicurus wrote, ” If you wish to make Pythocles rich, do not add to his store of money but subtract from his desires.”

Maybe that’s what you need: to stop adding zeros to the digit in your bank accounts but to take a closer look of your desires and appetite.

And that could be the greatest secret to your wealth.

Try it.

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