You are a creature of power.

Even if you deny this opening statement, but you can relate to times without number where you have felt powerless in the face of daunting challenges. Not anymore.

You need power to feel protected; you need power to be productive and contribute meaningfully to your environment. In fact, you cannot survive without power. This power comes in different forms naturally but can be categorized such that you will know how and why power is useful and must be developed in order to be successful.

You need power in one form or another to become more successful than you are now. The six form below is not exhaustive but if you look into history and the lives of successful people around you, you will notice these traits. The central theme in this article is to bring your awareness to their presence and some simplest ways to can aquire power to achieve your dreams faster .

This is about emotional power. It is your ability to be in control of your natural self. To know when to be aggressive and when to be passive is a matter of the heart culminated in your emotions. This form of power should come naturally but if you find yourself getting angry unnecessary , it is high time you paid attention to this form of power and develop it by practice. The best way to do this is to practice how you think through your emotions. The ability to act sanely in the midst of raging emotional turmoil is a testimony to a strong heart.


Another way to have so much power in your heart is to practice daily meditation. The ability to focus on a particular thing for some minutes is good training for your emotional health. The effect of daily meditation is not easy to come but as you stay put, you will notice increase in self awareness which is very important to emotional health.


Out of all the forms of powe, this ranks the first. This is because the mind is believed to be the seat of consciousness. Mind from birth but you can also lose it or develop it to a very powerful stage above your peers. The mind is very impressionable and behaves like elastic band such that a mind stretched by an idea never goes back to initial position.

The best way to empower your mind are reading and thinking. Reading stimulates your mind and open your mind to different cultures, traditions and possibilities. Reading, like knowledge compounds. The more you read, the more confidence you have and the more you can exercise your mind power.

 Active thinking is another practice that put power in your mind . This is more original but takes a lot of efforts at the beginning. You can set aside sometimes to be in a quiet place with a journal and think for a minimum of say 30 minutes.

If you do this long enough, you will notice in the kind of decisions you take.


This is basically about what you can do with what you know. It goes beyond filling your head with unnecessary and irrelevant details. It is your skill set and how you use what you know. Applicable knowledge can be acquired and compounded with deliberate practice, which involves dedicating some amount of time to learn a skill or apply a skill with the mindset to sharpen the skill. This ability to solve problems with what you know will be the distinguishing factors that will make you powerful and relevant at the same time. You must know that learning is your lifelong obligation that you must take with all seriousness and with all intent to be relevant and be powerful.


This is the basis of all power. There are may be a tendency to put intellectual power above feeling strong and living maximally. In the industrial era where our work was basically mechanical, we might not have a need for fitness and workouts, but now that our work promotes sedentary lifestyles, fitness has become a rare power. It has now become a national topic. For you, physical fitness is not an option because your ability to lead a good life is totally dependent on it. It is not negotiable that you eat well, work out and live a healthy living.

There are 3 basics ways to develop power in your body.

Firstly, you will cut the crap and quit eating junks. Everyone knows good food. It is the effort to deliberately choose good food that is being difficult. Stop all processed foods and go natural. The organic food might be expensive now but it is the best in the long run.

The second thing to do to have power in your body is to move often by engaging in one exercise or the other. Sitting has been identified has the modern killer as technology has made us more sedentary than before. The rule is to move around at every 120 minutes of sitting down. You can take it further by registering in a local gym and partake in both aerobics and strength training.

Thirdly, be purposeful with your sleep. Strive to have a minimum of 7 hours sleep per day. Better and adequately sleep will benefit your immune system, your mood and concentration at work.

If you do these 3 for a long time, you will begin to notice changes in your energy, stamina and fitness.


 If you say the power in your pocket is money, you are not wrong but you are  not right as well. The real money is your ability to generate income unending. This can range from your skill sets to an asset that generate money for you whether you are there or not. Money is dynamic such that a lump of money you have now might soon be gone if you don’t generate more whenever and wherever. The main power to your pocket comes from the ability to generate money anywhere and anytime. So, start learning skills that are difficult to replicate by others so that you can command prices and also start saving to buy real assets that can make you money while you sleep.


There is no amount of money will give you true sense of power in your community. Your community may be where you live, your workplace or a digital one, the power you control will make you contribute better especially if you have great ideas that can benefit the members. However, with great power comes greater responsibility, this power will be more lasting when you use it to help instead of to curry favour or usurp resources. This is why the best way to get power in your community is to empower orders. This sounds paradoxical, but it is the only way to control power that enlivens and lasts. Seek out those that need help and help them and also make you available for projects, tasks and responsibility.

Do not be overwhelmed by this list. All you need is to create daily routine of steps you can do all day. The more you create structures and make it routine, the easier it comes to have personal power than you can ever imagine.

 Now you have the awareness of these power, what will you do with this knowledge?

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