It is shocking to know that most people create affirmations and resolutions neglecting the most important element of our being: Health.

The world is moving from curing diseases to prevention and health augmentation and improvement. Here comes the importance of setting health goal.

Medical science has dispel the belief that we have no input in how healthy and how long we live. Now, we know and practice healthy lifestyles that can improve our health and maintain quality health.

What health goals will do is to put this practice into perspective and make us more resolute about health choices we make everyday .

Committing to set and execute health will be the main factor that will differentiate the winners from losers. Energy and stamina which are derived from premium health are prerequisites for actionable decisions.

How To Set Health Goals.

The framework of What, Why and How is the correct one to put our health goals in perspective based on our life purpose, mission and vision.


My goal is to maintain a healthy and well disciplined body.


My goal is to live healthy everyday in a strong and well toned body


So That

I can have the strength, energy and endurance to effectively live out my mission
– I can be an example to my clients/mentees/children in effective health maintenance
– I can live in healthy body to my ripe old age
– I can build my personal character strength
– I can stay alive enough to enjoy the rewards of my efforts


Focus: I will attend to any old or new health challenges by seeing someone trained and experience in healthcare maintenance

Nutrition: I will shun saturated fats, sugar, salt and red meats and limits my alcoholic intake to the nearest minimum or abstain totally. I will eat based on nutritional content instead of taste of food.
I will eat more of fruits, vegetables, grains, poultry and fish.

Physical maintenance: I will do exercise 4 times in a week preferably aerobics 45 minutes 4 tines a week. I will create time for effective rejuvenation and relaxation without giving in to indulgence . I will strive to have quality sleep. I will join the karate club.

Mental: I will think positively about my body and health . I will invest in health books and attend seminars and workshops in health.

This is an example of a simple, detailed but doable health goals. However, it will require determination and moderate amount of willpower to have premium health but you can do it, you MUST do it!

Let’s work together to make you achieve better health and achieve your goals.

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