There is a strong correlation between exercise, health and success. Different studies have shown these strong correlations abound. Most successful and healthy individuals are exercise freaks who belong to the fitness family.

Running is one of the easiest exercise to do as it requires low or no form or equipment or structure like swimming. All you need is a pair of shoe and reflex to start even some do it barefooted.

Let’s dive into the health and life benefits of running.

1. It makes you start your day strong. You will gradually gain momentum as you begin to run and mentally put you in a pacesetter frame of mind throughout your day .

2. You tend to think and reflect a lot while running especially when you do it first thing in the morning.
The mind is clear, the weather is cool and you have less distractions from people. This will put you in a good frame of mind to think about your self as a disciplined and dedicated individual who is seeking to get better .

3. Competition is part of life especially when we compete with ourselves. Running regularly wants you to beat your own records without anyone prodding you to do so. You will clearly see that you have the potential to always do more and your abilities are unlimited. This is a good foundation for mental health and wellbeing.

4. Running is good for your heart. Running makes you increase your heart rate and subsequently makes it beat less while resting, thus putting less work on the heart. Studies have shown that those who have less resting heart rate lives longer than those who have higher resting heart rate.

5. It protects the joints from wear and tear thus reducing the rate of arthritis as you age. It has been observed that as you your feet hit the ground, the joints spring back, stimulating production of more joint fluids for better movement and protection.

6. Running is the best leg workout. The calves, hamstrings, quads and gluteus ( butts) are all involved as your feet hit the raw ground. Females who run regularly have firmer, well developed gluteus more than those who don’t run.

7. After swimming, running is the next best calorie shedding exercise.
An average 70 kg man can loose about 22 calories of energy ,mostly coming from body fats . And since , running requires less equipment and form , it is the best form of weight loss especially for women .

8. Running makes you feel disciplined and committed to self development. While others are still turning and yawning, you are on the streets gaining momentum to kickstart a better day.

There are many benefits of running as simple as it is.

Remember, the best of workout is the one you do.

Start now and live healthy.

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