There is nothing in life that can make you achieve anything, more than confidence. Great confidence makes you achieve the great feat and weak confidence gives weak achievement. Confidence is a multiplier that can make you 10x valuable to yourself, the marketplace and to your family and friends. It is the magical key that unleashes the door to your capabilities and all that you can do. You may have more knowledge and skills and competence than everyone, without confidence you can know that you have potentials waiting to be unleashed.

Napoleon Hill wrote, whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.

This was also rephrased by the great Michael Jordan, that you have to expect things of yourself before you can do it.

No one is bereft of confidence but to really do great things beyond the expected, you will need supreme confidence far above the expected ones. I believe you are not here to be ordinary or do ordinary things. Greatness and grandness are your birthrights and you must henceforth claim your own share provided you have the supreme confidence of the great ones. As Eleanor Roosevelt penned, do what you can not do.

Fortunately, confidence is like a muscle. The more you use it, the more you develop it. As they say, success begets success so also confidence begets confidence. True confidence is not achieved and maintained by esoteric thoughts and wishful thinking but by habits borne out of repetitive actions. Lack of confidence is a disease that robs you of life and the good things in life.

Your confidence is between the space between the habits of good thought vs bad thoughts.

A long time ago, Aristotle wrote that Excellent is what we repeatedly do. Excellence is thus a habit. 

To have the kind of supreme confidence that shatters barriers and transform your life, do the following ten things.

10 Ways To Gain Supreme Confidence

  1. Environment 

Your environment is a great determinant of your feelings. And how you feel determine what you think and do. It is a total reflection of your inner space. If you are impressive, your space will be impressive. If you are a mess, your environment will be a mess. To be tidy in body, mind and space is a great booster for your confidence. To develop supreme confidence, learn to be meticulous with your space.

2. Gratitude.

Say out your gratitude every day and then write them down. It is not enough to keep them on your mind and head. To genuinely express your gratitude has the power to enliven you, vocalize them. You can also send someone a quick message of appreciation as your gesture of gratefulness.

3. Affirmations

Emily Coue’s formula of ” Everyday in every way, I am getting better and better’ worked for a lot of people and it will definitely work for you if you say your words of affirmations out every day. Whatever you want to be, vocalize it until it permeates your mind. A simple, ‘ I am a confidence person’ said quite a few times every day can begin to free up your self-confidence.

4. Avoid Idleness

Confidence is like a muscle, it atrophies if you don’t use it. Nature abhors a vacuum and your time and mind quickly fill up with bad thoughts if you engage it not in productive pursuits. Do something physical or mental. You can be writing, working, reading or listening. Never waste time. Your time is here is limited and you have got no extra one. Follow the advice of Goethe who wrote that ,

What you can do, or dream you can, begin it, Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Only engage, and then the mind grows heated, — Begin it, and the work will be completed!

5. Have Big Goal

Without a destination, we tend to wander until we get lost. Your lack of confidence may be a reflection of the absence of big goals that are worthy of your life. Dedicate your life to something grand such that it will take a total commitment from you. Remember the words of the civil right activist, Martin Luther King, jr. If you don’t something to die for something, you will die for anything. 

We will all die anyway, but it is far better to die with grandness.

6.Plan Purposefully

IT is not enough to have a grand goal. You must plan with all the details of someone that have a mission. Truthfully, your life is a mission. Planning will not make your goals suddenly become reality but you will have the step by step idea on how to proceed. As long as you are moving in the direction of your goals, nature will favour your ambition by supplying with the right people and tools to make it.

7. Don’t Compare

Of all the things that can always erode your confidence, peer comparison is the strongest. You need to stay in your lane and remain focused. They say, fear is what you get when you take your eyes off your goals and plans. Stay away from social media and groups that do not favour your goals. The more you stay in your lane, the more confidence you grow. As Thoreau wrote Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

8. Rejoice with Others

As you stay off the lane of others, remember to celebrate their successes too. You gain nothing by pulling others down. Help others on the path to self-discovery and personal progress. Your own confidence is dependent on how much good you can do with it. The more you rejoice with others, the more secure and confident you become. Don’t hate or pull down others. It is cancerous.

9. Take Action

Confidence follows the action. Without competence, you can not lay claim to confidence. And competence comes from doing. No one is born with supreme confidence and you can not inherit it. You can only acquire it by taking massive actions that will dispell all fears and barriers. I tell you that if you take enough actions, your nature will be synonymous with a person of massive confidence. Begin! Enter action with boldness and change your life

10. Now Celebrate

Now you have earned your badge and you deserve some accolades. Each time you secure any win, do something felicitous to entrench the habits of winning. Go have some drinks. Take someone special to you out. Book a getaway trip. Just celebrate yourself for you have defeated an obstacle.

Now you have the ten ways to gain supreme confidence. Make them your habits such that you transform your life.

Confidence is the missing link in life. If you desire to live larger than you are now, build your confidence and you will see a whole new world open to you to explore.

Dr Besh