I sat for my GCE in the year 2000 and I made all my papers. A year later I decided to write JAMB exam but I had no money . I had lost my father a year before and all my mother could provide was feeding allowance and a room to rest at night.

My plight later got to a friend,  who told his mum. The mother told the father and the father paid for my JAMB form.  I was grateful, sat for the exam. Well, I couldn’t meet the  University of Lagos cut off mark for medicine. I was offered Dentistry in Ogun State University, I declined and decided to rewrite the exam after  my WASSCE.

I chose Medicine and Surgery again. To be sincere, I had chosen the course because of my entrepreneurial inclinations. I had calculated how I could impact more lives being a doctor and how quickly I could set up a mini clinic to attend to my family members, friends and my communities.

There was one thing I never put into consideration. The Tuition fee.

This realization was made clear to me by my mother, but not directly.

One cold night at around 11 pm, she woke me up from the mat I had curled up because of the chilled night. I asked why she woke me up and she said,

Adisa , are you sure I can pay for this your course?”

My heart beats did zig- zag rhythm and the consequence of my choice stared at me glaringly.

I had not consider my sponsorship for this program or I had underrated University Education. Though my mother had scraped all through my secondary school days, but can she do this?

I couldn’t give a direct answer to her rhetorical question. I only assured her that if I could scrape through I would do that again in the university. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I laid down there on my mat and made a resolve.


But come who asked me to even choose medicine? I had never seen a doctor before in my entire 19 years of existence except the ones I saw in books and in soap operas.

When I would be sick, there was a nurse my mother would take me to for series of injections and bitter drugs. The nurse would combine analgen with some anxiolytics ones that would make your legs heavy and wobbled. You would sleep for almost 24 hours.

How I came to choose to be a medic still astonishes me.

For good six months of preparation for JAMB , I never thought of money or how I would sponsor my education. I could not think of money and be assured of excellence score in JAMB.

The thought of money has been the greatest killer of dreams.

When I eventually was offered the course on a platter of gold, the issue of money was partially solved.

And when I finally resumed classes, the money was finally put to rest.

That is not to say I didn’t have my fair share of 0-1-0 meal time table. It was tough but the goal has been achieved despite my humble background.

My friends, do you still think if you have all the money you want, you will fly? Are you still incapacitated by lack of money ?

Money is never the problem. You don’t need money to be outstanding. YOU ONLY NEED A RESOLVE to achieve dreams.

Think better. Money is not the barrier.

Poor and weak desire does not attract money.

It is the burning desire that attract greatness . And when you are great , money will cease to be your problem .

When you are ready, money will show up.

Just come to the  fore with all you have  got .  Never ever let money stop you .


  1. It’s inspiring. I can’t count the number of times hunger chased me from the library while in medical school. We need to ingrain in the youth the of spirit of determination, perseverance and delayed gratification.

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