Essential Time Management Tools For Ambitious People.

“The chief beauty about time
is that you cannot waste it in advance.
The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you,
as perfect, as unspoiled,
as if you had never wasted or misapplied
a single moment in all your life.
You can turn over a new leaf every hour
if you choose.” 
― Arnold Bennett

Time is the greatest material through which all things are made. It is the most truly democratised thing in the universe for everyone has time in equal measure. You can not loan it and you can not hurry it, though you might decide to waste it or multiply it.

TIME management is life management. The more effective you take control of your life and living. Most time the difference between the ultra successful and others is not that the former have more time, but they manage every minute of their time and in years they get better and faster. You can actually multiply your time and get more done in less time once you master these essential time management skills.

In this age of constant online connection and interruptions, you will need to go beyond the use oftechnology to take back your time and convert it to what is meant for.

It is not the hour you put in, it is what you put in the hour

Actually, time control is about priority management, giving your energy, attention and focus to things that really matter to your life, values and dreams. If you have no goals or direction, time management will be difficult and you may not gain much from this article. I belive you have goals but time management is your challenge to reach your goals.


  • Work in minutes, instead of hours. Your productivity is more about focus and intellection more than the number of hours you work. Your energy and concentration decline as you work on. The Law of Diminishing Returns set in and your productivity suffers. If you must work long hours, break the hours into minutes of say 25 minutes and a rest of 5 minutes. Each time you take a break and come back to your work, you will have refreshed energy.

  • Always work with plans in front of you. There allure of sponteneity is exciting but you will get more done in shortest amount of time if you work according to plans. Plans will guide your mind to measure how far you have gone and what is needed to be covered.

  • Do not major on minor things. Use your priority list to schedule your work. Do the hard work first and the rest will look simpler.

  • Think on paper. Writing down your thoughts remove your emotions and make you look at things objectively. It also frees up your mind to do other things. Always carry a journal with you as it has been said and confirmed that the faintest ink is better than the sharpest memory.

  • Don’t start your day at the breakfast table. Wherever you are, be there. It is easy to think about the office when you ate at home and think about the home when you are at the office. Be present.

  • Learn to say NO. It is easier to say NO and change your mind later than to rescind your decision when you have agreed to help out. Of course, say your NO with tact and finesse. People respenct those that value their time.

  • Don’t overpromise. If you are pressed for an urgent response, let the person know that you will give a better response when you can think things through. Don’t let your mouth overload your back.

  • When you work, work! And when you are at play, be fully engaged. You can some humour while you work but let it be minimal and geared towards maximising effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Analyse the type of worker you are and decide to change for the better. Ruminate where most of your time go to at the end of the day and see where you can save some minutes or hour. If you are mostly overhelmed by work, you are either not prioritizing your work or you are majoring in minor things.

  • You can buy time of others if you have the money and the resources. Someone can actually help you organise your work; do the routine work and serve as the sieve for daily requests. You can not be good at everything. Focus on what you are good at and delegate the hell out of the rest.

  • Own your smartphone. Control it and use it to save time and get more done. It is quite paradoxical that a tool that was created to multiply time and shorten distance is now the one wasting your time and making you do less. Not all calls are important.Be mindful when you make calls or else you will squander away time and money.

  • Define your own emergencies. There are things that arent pressing on you but are essential. Family time, learning, dieting, thinking and exercising. These activities are not emergency but creating time to do them will prevent emergencies and will make you control your time.

  • Avoid time wasters. Avoid gossip groups if your life matters to you. Instant messaging apps are the greatest time wasters. Recognise the people that steal your time for their own personal gains. In a conversation, ask questions to clarify who is actually in charge before you waste your time talking to a subordinate instead of the boss.

Now you have already saved a lot of time by reading this because you are now aware that you have the power to control your time.

What other way do you know to control and save time for better things? Let me know.

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