As a busy entrepreneur or professional you may be prone to daily sttessors and conditions that can lead to anxiety or burnout. As an entrepreneur ,

 • Are you piling up too many responsibilities when you should relegate to others?

• Are you working too long hours, with no time for rest and relaxation?

 • Are you anxious about your business, career, or even the family your career is making you neglect?

 If this is you, you are well on your way to burnout which is a culmination of stress and anxiety. You don’t wake up one day and realize you have burnout, because this is something that happens over time. Burnout is a form of chronic stress and here is how you can identify and prevent it before it slow down your success.

                                   Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety and Burnout.              

The symptoms are not the same in every person. For example, where a sufferer is having weight loss as a result of burnout, another could be having weight gain. Symptoms include;

• Weight loss or gain

 • Forgetfulness

• Reduced productivity

• Fatigue

 • Insomnia

 • Loss of appetite

• Unnecessary anger and irritability

 • Depression

• Lack of joy in things one used to enjoy

• Detachment

 If you have any of these symptoms, you will find that the way to cure it is the same way to prevent it.

                                     How to Prevent Stress, Anxiety and Burnout.

Since these three conditions are related, such that one leads to the other, the way to prevent them is pretty straight forward. A little change here and there in your work life will give the desired results. This is not only for yourself, how can you help your team manage stress to avoid burnout and reduced efficiency?

Take time out of work environment:

Some labour experts have suggested that being always in work environment and multi-tasking mood kills productivity, dampens creativity and makes the individual generally unhappy. Instead of bringing work home all the time, take some days off and make your home a resting place. Do not think about your career, job or business, think only of things that relax you. Not just about keeping work away from the home, it is important to let yourself and your team know when to discuss work related issues and when not to. You can be intentional about the times you receive work calls or emails and when not to engage. As a health expert, who knows the importance of disconnecting from work, I have set times of the day when I don’t engage digitally or physically about work related issues. In this time, you can recharge and get your 16 body to recoup lost energy. This way you can manage stress, will never develop anxiety and will never burnout.

 Practice Mono-tasking:

As corporate individuals and entrepreneurs, multitasking has become embedded in us, but continuous multi-tasking can wear us down and lead to burnout. First we will lose focus because the brain is stressed, and then we will begin to forget important tasks and this will make us anxious. The end point is burnout. The solution is to focus on one task at a time. Tell yourself and your team members to focus on one task and complete it before going to another. 17

Make Social Contact:

It is important that you create time out of your busy schedule to make positive social contact with friends and family. Invest in your closest relationships as this is a great de-stressor. Also improve your relationship with your team members and all those in your work environment. Stay away from negative people as they will just add to your stress and make you anxious, and join communities of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Set Time to Disconnect from Technology:

Set time when you turn off the television, phones and laptops to reconnect with your creative side. Creativity is 18 often times the antidote to burnout. Do breathing exercises, take part in yoga and practice meditation, to reconnect with your creativity.

Get Plenty Sleep:

Get a good night sleep, as lack of sleep can exacerbate stress and burnout. There is nothing a good night’s sleep cannot cure.

Preventing stress, anxiety and burnout is easier than looking for the cure once you are deep into it. These daily habits will not only protect you from these three destroyers of dreams, but they will increase your productivity and sharpens your memory and awareness.

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