My career purpose is to improve the health of professionals, especially entrepreneurs. There has been a focus on this group of people in terms of their health and risk-taking behaviours. Most entrepreneurs have type A personality which allows them to take audacious risks. However, this trait and other business related issues can predispose an entrepreneur or a professional to high blood pressure.

The aim of this article is to help you have normal blood pressure without needing medication . This is doable especially in young adults and in high blood pressure that is stress related .

There is nothing bad in using hypertensive drugs , in fact it is recommended that combination of good diets, drugs and lifestyle modification are essential to maintain normal blood pressure . However the side effects of the hypertensive drugs are numerous :

– Dizziness
– Low libido
– Depression
– Decreased energy
– Fatigue
– And others

Blood pressure is a measure of the healthy nature of your heart and blood vessels especially the arteries. It could be raised during rigouros action like exercises . But when your blood pressure is raised while you at rest , it means the arteries are sick and dysfunctional.

A normal blood pressure is less than or equal to 120/80 mmHg. Anything above is elevated and when it is near or above 140/90mmhg, you are qualified for high blood pressure , a predictor of future cardiovascular events like stroke and heart failure.

However , you can engage in the below activies to eliminate antihypertensive drugs especially if it gives you unbearable side effects
Also, these steps are also preventive in nature for those ggag have histories of high blood pressure in the family .

1. Eat vegetables , nuts and fruits everyday

It is recommended that you take about 4 servings of fruits , veggies and nuts everyday . The best way to measure this is to ensure you fill half of your plate with fruits , nuts and vegetables . Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of micronutriurnts, essential elements like vitamin C , potassium and fibres that give your blood vessels their elasticity and make them dilate appropriately . A well dilated artery prevents high blood pressure.

2. Focus on your weight .

Obesity is a major cause of high blood pressure . You will work on your weight and ensure you loose some weights especially if your Body Mass Index ( BMI) is greater than 25kg/m^2.

3. Engage in exercise 30 mins daily .

Any activity that raises the heart rate and makes you sweat will improve blood vessels functions and improve your heart functions .

4. Meditate .

Stress is a major cause of high blood pressure . And stress is mostly psychological especially when we focus on the past and the future obsessively. Meditation will make you aware of your presence and your heart rate at all time thereby signalling you adjust your mood and actions to better your health .
You can add Headspace or Calm apps to your arsenal of applications on your phone and meditate whenever you have the time .

5. Reduce salt intake .

An average person takes about 3.85 gm of table salts everyday . You should endeavour to reduce yours to 2.5g . You can do this by avoiding salted foods and most canned foods. Also ensure you check the salt contents of your groceries at all time .

6.Reduce or Eliminate Refined Sugar .

This is the new epidemic in the world .The addiction to sugar is alarming . The recent studies have pinpointed sugar has the worse culprit on high blood pressure than salt .

Sugar encourages bad cholesterols and promote obesity and insulin resistance .This trio can predispose you to high blood pressure and uneventful heart diseases .

The idea is to ensure we eat less suagar , more vegies and fruits and avoid living a sedentary lifestyle .

To your health ,

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