THE early morning is the most productive part of the day .The combination of silence and restfulness gives us the advantage to plan our daikg activities ; reconnect with our purpose and chart better path .

If we add motivations to the morning , we can be sure of very electrifying day .

However , not everyone can self motivate . Some ,external things have to be done to make them get morning motivations in order to have a great day .

If you are struggling with lack of morning motivation , I have highlighted 6 simple secrets you can have to get motivated .

6 Simple Secrets to Morning Motivations

1.Keep Your Goals Close

Keep your goals close to your bed and let them be the first thing you see as you open your eyes.

Read it first in the morning and see how motivation crosses through your veins and makes you bounce out of bed with determination.

You can make your bed yourself too. This is a minor success that can give you the impression that you will be successful in other endeavours too.

2. Drink Water first .

Drink as little as 250 mls of water first immediately you stand up from bed.
You have been thirsty for the last 8 hours or so . It is wise to rehydrate your system for effective physiology. Water is not a chemical . Do not listen to rumour that says water is not good on empty stomach .In fact ,water can give you that sense of fullness that make you delay breakfast until you are through with your morning routine . This is good for people trying to lose weight .
You can also add some fruits flavour like lemon or you can juice some fruits if you have the luxury.

3. Read Some Pages .

Reading is the most mental work you will ever do throughout the day . From reading reports at work to reading price tags. Reading primes your brain and increase its surface areas especially in the morning when the brain is well rested and receptive to ideas . Read something motivational or spiritual . Read your daily to-do -lists too.
Nothing motivates more than reading early in the morning .

4. Meditate .

Prayer , affirmations ,meditations, supplications, and gratitude are foods for the soul . As You feed the body by water and the mind by reading , you also feed the soul by meditations and prayers . It doesn’t need to be aggressive or elaborate . In fact , silent meditations and prayers are more effective. Take some time to count your blessings , appreciate the presence and visualise the future .

5. Connect Immediately .

Human connections are the live wires of our existence . We sharpen our skills in isolation but broaden with relationships .

You need to connect with people that share mutual love with you immediately .A hug from your partner or a call or text to that wonderful family and friends will motivate you quickly .It will make you see meaning in your existence and so you can go ahead and achieve your dreams .

6. Get Your Heart Pumping.

It is important you work up the body . You don’t need expensive equipments . Just some burpees , push ups or air squats for a minimum of five minutes should be enough to increase your heart rate by 20%. The sweating will bring cooling and you will shed off excessive calories .

These 6 morning routine will motivate you if you commit to do it daily .You can modify them to your surroundings and even rearrange them as deem fit . Also involve your cohabitants to derive more benefits .

I wish you great morning always .

You will succeed .

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