About this time last 2 years, I had a tough discussion with myself about some age long habits. My stereotypical beliefs on diets by feeding on grains and swallows food; my relationship with money and what money means; my thoughts about friendship and what it means. It was like looking into a screen showing me the habits and thoughts that have fed my decision-making processes.

For example, I used to save until I will see a nice shirt to buy. I will jump at any hangout to drink and feed on junks. I would start a fitness programme and later drop it, falling back into my old habits of laziness.I was getting into massive debts; getting fatter and losing my deepest relationships.

Years after years, I continued this way. I worked hard but I had nothing to show for it. I will read books, take actions and expect things to change. Things never changed. Instead, I had intensified efforts in the same directions.
It took so long for me to realise that success and failures don’t travel in the same directions.Failures will come to strengthen you but more importantly, it will redirect you to a path that leads to wealth, health and happiness. If you allow it.

Then and there , after this realization , I decided to quit these 5 things .

If you want to change the future , you will start by quitting these right now .

It was the single decision that led me to a path where I can decide how healthy I am; how much I can earn and how happy I can become .

1.QUIT SUGAR ( and its relatives )
The relatives of sugar are flour, soda drink and excess salts.This might sound radical but scientific evidence and observations of people that have quit these kinds of diets, show that you don’t need extra refined sugar in your diets.The same goes for flour and pastries. We are created to eat natural foods. Most of the sugars, sodas and flour products are heavily refined to make you want more.

If you want health and you want to quit burning your money by buying drugs and paying doctors , quit sugar and its relatives now.


The most obvious sign of your laziness is the failure to push your body through pain to enjoy all the benefits of exercises. Damn your excuses. Quit the lies you have been telling yourself that you are too busy to work out or there is no gym in your environ. If your job doesn’t give you the time to work out,its killing you. If you can’t find a gym or sports centre in your area , get the fuck off out of there ! You are not a tree.

If you really want to enjoy the success you are so much chasing day and nights , quit laziness. Move your ass off the couch and go get busy . Embrace the pain .


First, if you are broke and you still fall to the emotional blackmail of others whereby they twist your mind to feed on your savings , you are not going to be rich. I know you may want to say , wealth is not that important , but what do you think caused the emotional blackmailers to coming to you each time they need money to spend on frivolities? Poverty .

If everyone pay attention to his/ her wealth building goals , we wouldn’t have so many beggars. The best way to help others is to first and foremost get rich ! Then you can teach others .

But if you keep on spendings your whole income and still borrow more , you may soon join the needy.

Quit withdrawing money saved to make you climb higher financially. Stop it now .


You rarely focus on one thing more than 2 minutes before you pick your phone to check your Facebook status. To focus on a task for a minimum of 5 minutes becomes sufferings. You can not stay alone without itching to call someone .

This is indiscipline full of disjointed short lived focus. No one can achieve anything worthwhile without long term attention to a task.

Keep away from distractions. The more you you focus ,the faster and better you get things done.

The best way to do it, is to set your alarm to 5 minutes and focus on a particular task. When the alarm goes off, you can switch task or set another 5 minutes and refocus on the same task. You will be surprised far you can cover with this simple productivity technique.


Its gone . Yesterday’s are your past. It is not about the time spent . It is the habits ,attitudes, beliefs and thoughts that have brought you this far .No matter how successful you are right now , what has brought you here are the culminations of all your decisions . If you want to change your life; get healthier and wealthier , you will need to change how you make decisions. And this can only be done if you change what has been fed into the seat of your personality.

Quit yesterday. It has nothing for you more than lost hopes.

These are the 5 things you must quit right now to get healthier , wealthier and happier .

Your best life awaits you .Go get it .

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