While you may not be able to block hours of your day for exercise, especially during a busy hour in the office, there are ways you can incorporate activity into your routine while working.

 Here are tested and proven ways that has helped many entrepreneurs and professionals maximize the productivity  and will help you too.

1. Take leg breaks:

You can take short breaks in between your working hours. For a freelancer who works from home, you can take that time to stroll around your neighbourhood, walk to a nearby grocery shop or shopping mall, or climb the staircase up and down for at least five consecutive times. For someone who works in an office, you can take a walk around your company premises, just to get in the number of steps you have to take a day. For your lunch break, don’t have your lunch delivered to the office, instead walk to the restaurant even if it is in the next street.

2. Exercise right where you work:

If you want to change your sedentary lifestyle, you cannot take away exercise, because little exercise is better than none at all. So what if I work a 9-5 job, or an entrepreneur who is at the early stage of my business and have little or no off days? Don’t fret, you can still incorporate exercises into your routine even while working. With these exercises that can be done while working, you are sure to leave the sedentary lifestyle, look and feel better about yourself. Exercises you can do from your work station include;

3. Stretches:

There are a few stretches you can do at your desk. They are;

a. Sit straight back and then drop your right ear to your right shoulder (hold for five seconds). Repeat for the other side and do 10 reps (five on each side).

 b. Lace your fingers together and pull towards the ceiling, with your palms facing the ceiling.

 c. Turn your head to the left and try to look behind you. Do this for the other side for 10 reps, with 5 reps on each side

d. Drop your chin towards your chest and gently loll your head from side to side.

e. Do a shrug by lifting your shoulders towards your ears, hold for a few seconds and drop. Repeat for a few times.

f. Take your hands behind you and lock your hands while you stretch your arms. Hold that position for a few seconds. After the stretches, you are ready to exercise fully, even while at your desk or work station.

g. Jog or run on the spot This can be done by anyone and even without moving away from your desk. It is you who determines the pace and how high your knees should come up to. Do this as much times as you can and see how different you feel afterwards.

4. Push ups:

It is as easy as it sounds. Get down and push yourself up, using your hands only. If you do not want to get down on the floor of your office, you can use the wall or even the edge of your desk.

5. Squats:

You can do the traditional squats by the side of your desk, or you can just stand up and sit down repeatedly. Make sure your back is straight and only your hips and knees are being moved.

6. Calf Raises:  

Standing behind your chair, hold the chair and raise yourself on tiptoes. Lower yourself down and repeat the process. Do as many reps as possible.

7. Wall Sit Lean against the wall and bring yourself to a sitting position. Hold for a few seconds and repeat as many reps as you can do.

8. Do a lot of your job standing up Instead of sitting down up the time, you can elevate your table and stand up while working. You can also incorporate standing into your work hours. To remind you of when to stand up, get an app for this purpose. There is the Stand Up reminder app, Run Double app, WaterTrakr app, to mention a few.

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