Life is simple if you know to live it. There are limitless connection between simplicity and greatness. The great men are really the simple ones. If you can simplify your needs and acquire theses skills before the third decade of life, you would have been far ahead your peers.

I choose 30 years because that is when the pressure of life get us from family, friends and the society. But if one master these ten things, you will have the tools and techniques to deal with your world. As J. C Hare wrote, that ” The greatest truths are simplest , and so are the greatest men” . The points are obvious to you but we have neglected them for long , looking for a quick fix to life problems. Khalil Gibran also hinted that, “The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expressed it simply.

so, lets get down to master these skills

1.Your Emotion/Feelings

If you will wait till you feel great before you do what is right, you will never do anything.
Learn how to act irrespective of your feelings.


If you can’t master money, no matter how much you make, you will always be broke. Savings, budgeting and investments are the things to know and master.
Your income is not as important as the way you manage your money.

Love is not sex. Relationship is not built in the bar or church/ mosque. Love is an action word which is exemplified by what you do or someone does for you. Do not be fooled.

cience has not come to a consensus as par the minimum sleep you need. Study yourself and probably sleep faster. Sleep is invigorating but you will need to stay more ‘awake’ to accomplish your goals faster. Stop snoozing the alarm. Decide how long you need to sleep to remain at your best during the day.

5.Social Media
It is good to connect with friends, families and fans offline and online. But if you are not making money or real impact online, and your immediate close relationships still suffer, get the hell out of social media and be more engage with your life and work.

6.Time Management
If you always say yes to all hang-outs with friends or always open to help everyone, you have no grasp over your time and invariably your life. You can’t actually manage time but you can follow your efforts and be conscious enough to know how you are spending your time. The truth is you can’t manage time. Those who have great things to and doing them daily , do not care about the time. They manage their efforts instead. If you keep watching the time always, you need to find a goal big enough to engage your soul, energy amd time wholeheartedly.

If you miss out on this, nothing will get done.


If you lose your health, what will remain? Nothing. If you don’t care about your body,every other aspects of your life will suffer .

But health for health sake is not enough. You must hack the ways to ensure you derive enough energy to achieve your daily tasks. Your health is the car; your energy is the driver. Ensure you get the right fuel (food), oil (water), maintenance (exercise) and mechanic (check up). The trio of healthy living still remain sleep, movement and diet. Study what makes you strong , fit and energised .

8. Mind/Faith/Spirituality
Whatever you use your mind for (belief, faith) ensure you are the one in control. Your mind is like a monkey, if you don’t tame it, it will jump from one tree to the other without any purpose. Give it strength by constant meditation and thinking. But more importantly , use your mind for a great cause.

ou are old enough to have learnt enough about the role of enthusiasm.
Without motivation, you are more like a toy with a beating heart. To be self-motivated is to intentionally curate goals that you will die for.
To be worn out, is better than to be rust out.

10.Critical Self analysis

Master yourself. See your own faults before anyone sees it. Never go to sleep without reviewing the day and never jump into the new week without your weekly review. You are an enigma, work on yourself ceaselessly.
Be true to thyself.

These are enough. Get at it before you clock 30.

If you are above the third decade of live , these skills can still be learnt, refined or modified. You always have it, I have just shown you how to master it.

good luck.

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