It is  some weeks into the new year and most health resolutions have been dumped into the bin already. Research has shown that it is only 5 % of those that set resolutions that achieve their goals . Humans are creatures of habits and habits are difficult to change. This is why we tend to slip back into our old habits as soon as the enthusiasm of the new year is over. Thias is why year in, year out we keep doing the same and expecting different results.

Luckily, there have been an army of well trained , knowledgeable and passionate group of trainers and teachers in the field of healthcare called health coaches.


According to the most prominent health coaching school in the world , Institute of Integrative Nutrition , IIN , A Health Coach ” is a supportive mentor and wellness authority helping clients feel their best through food & lifestyle changes by tailoring individualized wellness programs to meet their clients’ needs”

A health coach will clarify your goals and make you imbibe fitness, good nutrition and total wellness.

Before I individualize this for you , let’s look at some statistics ,

– More than 50% of Nigerians are not healthy
– 1 in 3 Nigerian adults have one or two chronic diseases
– 15 % of children and young adult have chronic diseases of hypertension , obesity and diabetes
– More than 40% of total health budgets are spent on chronic diseases in the last 5 years
– There is a acute shortage of health practitioners in the country .
– Doctors are not well trained in the area of health maintenance and total wellbeing

These and other mind boggling statistics should make you take your health into your hand and be intentional about it.

These are enough reasons to stimulate you to take actions .

The 10 Reasons You Should Hire A Health Coach

1. Help You Change Behaviours That Can Lead to Chronic Diseases.

Recent researches into causes of health have shown that behaviour is more of a determinant of good health and healthy living than genes . Poor sleep ,bad diets , bad lifestyle choices have been the major causes of chronic diseases . The modern lifestyle of 24 hours , round the clock , fast diet and quick fix solutions have put our health on a dangerous lane. Your health coach will collaborate with you to select and practice good habits that prevent diseases and augment better health and wellness .

2. Use Of Natural Remedies .

There are thousands of natural remedies for almost all simple to moderate ailments . He will clarify and helps you choose from the ever increasing and confusing remedies on the internet. You will avoid taking pills for simple ailments and thus keeps you away from the side effects of excessive drug usage .

3. Weight Management .

You will learn practical ways to be in shape at all time . Weight is a flexible component of our living . If you need to gain or loose weight , the health coach will design and implement the best strategies and practices to make you control your weight without any hassle .

4. She Doubles As Your Nutritionist .

Everyone wants to eat well balanced diet . This has been like a mirage and this can be frustrating especially when you have the means to buy your food stuffs but you lack the knowledge and time to eat healthy .A health coach helps you choose your meal plan based on your preference, weight and schedule.

5. Fitness Buddy .

A health coach is well grounded in the knowledge and practice of fitness and exercise . She will design exercise for you and even motivate , support and encourage you to work out . If you have been struggling to hit the gym or treadmill, a health coach is what you need . Willpower alone will not do it.

6. Manage Your Resources .

You will save more money on health and health related products. A health coach will ensure you buy what is needed for your optimum health and avoid wastage on unnecessary health supplements . You will derive the most benefits from little food without being stingy .

7. Help You Achieve Your Health Resolutions .

No one can help you design, plan and achieve your health resolutions like a health coach . He keeps on your toes to keep you committed to your goals especially if she has been a collaborator in designing your goals. She uses the science of positive psychology to keep you motivated at all time .

8. Helps You To Cure Addictions .

Every single person has addictions . It is the severity and the subject of addiction that varies . A health coach will help you understand the causes and the adverse of the seemingly insignificant addictions and work with you to eradicate such addictions .

9. Your Diet .

Health coach halls you design your diet based on your weight , health status , personality and schedule . If you are busy entrepreneurs or parent who has little or no time to prepare healthy meal , a health coach will design portable and ready made recipe that will fit into preferences , demands and taste .

10. Your Total Wellness

A health coach is the go to guy in terms of spirituality and total wellness. He will provide integrative wellness approach that will include your emotional and mental health . You will become a total human being .

You will be making the best investment in your self by talking to a health coach as soon as possible if truly you believe in personal development as the best pathway to quality life .

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